Schulische Assistenz - Ein Überblick über den Forschungsstand in Deutschland

  • Lisa Dorothea Helene Schmidt Universität Siegen Zentrum für Planung und Evaluation Sozialer Dienste (ZPE)


Paraprofessional education has continuously gained importance in the context of the establishment of an inclusive education system. However, there are hardly any binding regulations of this measure in Germany. Research efforts, too, are just beginning to evolve. This paper presents the mayor findings of the research on this topic published between 2009 and 2016 in Germany. 12 quantitative studies, 2 qualitative studies and 2 studies using mixed methods have been identified. All studies are explorative and predominantly deal with the framework of the measure, the assistant’s field of activity and the perception of the measure by the different participants. The results are discussed, taking into account international findings, to deduce possible implications for future research and practice in this field.


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SCHMIDT, Lisa Dorothea Helene. Schulische Assistenz - Ein Überblick über den Forschungsstand in Deutschland. Zeitschrift für Inklusion, [S.l.], jan. 2012. ISSN 1862-5088. Verfügbar unter: <>. Zugriff: 28 mai 2017.


Schulbegleitung; Integrationshelfer; Schulische Assietenz; Review; Forschungsstand; Deutschland